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It would be hard to imagine that there weren't just a few people in biz dev, marketing and finance departments who did believe this game was intended for mass market. Certainly the marketing wasn't up to Halo level (Slurpee's at 7/11 with MasterChief images on them as well as the game for sale at 7/11's). Then again the game is at Target, Best Buy, isn't that mass market to begin with?

There are also a variety of levels of SW fans out there. I've played many Battlefront games online where there were players who had never seen any of the movies. On a daily basis you spend a little time explaining that an AT-AT is not a metal dinosaur, etc.

Of course RC being out there and hot when the new movie is out makes a lot of sense and the movie's previews are certainly intended for the mass market and not just SW fans, right?

There are many reasons to play Battlefront or RC other than just the fact you are a SW fan...after all, they are games. Foremost, for Lucas Arts..CA$H is, and should be a factor. In fact, for SW gaming fans the more money they make the more they can put into developing games and upgrading the games we are playing. More buyers, more players equals better SW games and more SW games.

So yeah, my personal guess is it was meant for the mass market. There was the hard core SW fan that could be counted on, but the non-SW addict would have been the gravy that greased the machine for more and better.

But back to the main point, why give us deathmatch online with a game that's absolutely designed for teamwork, strategy and missions? Why give us a game that is designed for teamwork, strategy and missions and only allow single player at home? Just seems odd to me that forum cries for splitscreen multiplayer had no effect on dev of RC.
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