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The man with many guns is back for now at least.

Sorry that I have been gone for awhile but I have working my but off tring to get my computer upgraded in time for Kotor2 and geting the money needed to get the game in the first place.

now back to the subject

tk it's nice to see that somethings will stay (other than our troops in irag) the way they were ment to be. In other words the editor sounds great and I will give feed back as soon as possible.

P.S. it's also nice to see that kittiy is back.

The Force
It's what fuels us all.
It's the Force that protects us.
It's the Force that makes men ethier of the dark side or of the lightside.
It's the most powerful weapon in the galaxy. But it is the also the greatest healer.
However you use it May the Force be with you.

Long live Star Wars and Halo!
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