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Well were deffinatly not going to paint the stormtrooper armor. I like TK's idea on how to tell the squad appart. So far I have decided to let there be nicknames for the troopers. For the leader (you) I like TK's idea, "Sarge" but I'm not sure about the other ones. I want them to be really good nicknames. Also, "Saber" company, I'm ok with but it sounds to Jedi'ish to me. But i'm ok with it being I cant think of anything better. Btw, bare with me as I dont have SWRC yet. I need a new computer to play it wich is in the works. And TK, what do you suggest the weapons to be changed to besides the BlasTech E-11 and the (BlasTech?) DC-15 Blaster Pistol? And do you guys think there sould be more than just 4 squad members?

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