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@Uchiha Itachi: (you mean the 3.2.6 version). KSE will not read subfolders in the Override folder. Here is the excerpt from kse-readme.txt that I recently added:

Override Folder: Subdirectories NOT supported
Although TSL supports subdirectories in the Override folder, KSE does not. Too often,
there are two or more files that are named the same and KSE would have to make some arbritrary decision as to which one to use. Inevitably this will generate bug reports because the end-user expected the other file to be used by KSE. So to save us both that grief, if you wish to add custom items to your inventory or use some custom 2da file, you will need to make sure that you copy those custom files into your override root folder, perform your KSE edits, then remove them. (Note that KotOR also does not recognize subdirectories.)

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