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Originally posted by StarWarsPhreak
I believe there is a reason why the comics are called called "Tales." I also think that was meant to be funny, and not taken seriously. Which is why I don't consider them to be "EU Canon" (God dammit Kurgan). They're short stories by random people.

As for 4-LOM, meh... haven't read Tales of Books in a while.
yeah, I get what you mean re- R5-D4...
Still, the 4-Lom still stands.... though they do both fit into the same canonical classification anwyay, no points were awarded, no biggie....

* * *

Q. There is a scene in the new trailer(feat anakin and dooku)......... what location in KOTOR2 does it resemble.....

2 POINT BONUS : PICS to compare...
OK, it seems the current question is a bit too topical perhaps....but let me answer it ....

Nb. Kotor2 and Ep3 trailer spoiler warning !

A. There is a scene in the new ep 3 trailer
that shows the duel between anakin and dooku. It is some form of sith throne room, a little similar to that in ROTJ.

It does bear some resemblance to
the sith meditation chamber
used by Visas Marr in KOTOR2.....

*mental note : no more topical questions !*

* * *

OK. Next question..... *easy*

Q. Who was Nien Nunb and where was he from....what was his brothers name, and what did his brother do ??


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