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RJWs Episode III Anakin coming soon

I know some of you may have thought this project was dead. But its in the final stages , it should be released sooner then you think.


Episode III Anakin : unrobed, robed, hooded

Darth vader/anakin : Sith eyes , unrobed robed, hooded.

Jedi Anakin, inspired by the jedi trials novel: More episode 2 themed clouthing, unrobed, robed, and hooded.

This skin has come along ways , ive made sure that rjw keeps it true to whats been released to the public. The attention to detail is astounding. I will post more pictures, when this skin comes closer to being uploaded on

if your impressed with the after pic. thats just a taste of whats to come.

"I do not fear the darkside, I embrace it." - Starwars ep3 Darth Vader.

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