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Content wise I liked it. What did get me was the idea that every 10 feet there seemed to be another bacta terminal.

Sure I used them alot, because you seemed to take quite alot of hits that break your shields. I know they couldn't flat out copy Halo, but a higher shields capacity, less frequent placement of bacta and limited bacta supplies might have made the game feel a little more tense. Kinda like how the weapon/shield terminals in Jedi Knight games had limited charges.

Perhaps its just my preference, but I kinda wished the default rifle hit harder and fired slower. And had a red energy trail. Guess I'll have to wait until mod tools come out.

The whole mechanics of standing in front of a bacta vending machine and letting it glow on ya to heal you, struck an odd chord with me, but not game breaking. Same with revival by pulling out a battery pack defribirilator and zapping your buddy (or getting zapped yerself) in the noggin.

Otherwise a nice game. Nice music, good atmosphere, humor, action, and only a little frustration.
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