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Originally posted by Voran
Content wise I liked it. What did get me was the idea that every 10 feet there seemed to be another bacta terminal.
Same goes for ammo and grenades. You just used it all and behind the next corner you find yourself some fresh one. Perhaps it would have been better if you really had to go easy on ammo or had to take up enemy weapons to survive. I did pick up enemy weapons but found myself using melee attack every opportunity I had. Seemed to help very well against trandos, droids and even droidekas.

And what about droid dispensers being in closed rooms? How the heck did they get in there? Same goes for those tanklike creatures on Kashyyyk.

As far as that, I liked the game. Only, it was soo lineair. You couldnt even take another route or tactic. The only choice you had was between hacking the door or blowing it up.
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