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Trent came back into the room where everyone was and heard them talking about thier experiences in school.
"hmm, i was the loner of the school, middle school no one cared, however in high school people teased me so mcuh that one day in grade 11 i got so mad at a guy and i threw the hardest punch i could and he went down in one hit, i was suspened for that, so i joined the army, they said I had alot of talent and raw skills, once i got to the rank of Master Corperal i was picked up by the FBI, because liked how i handeled myself in the army so they let me in, plus i was recommdend by my commanding officer. I got all the training they could offer, i even because a master at Judo. eventually i left, i dunno why i jsut did, so i decided, hey i think i'll try out the CIA, they accepted me with welcome arms, and ive been here ever since." Trent said as he fiddled with his gun.

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