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((The fog means nothing to the attackers. They can see through it as if it wasn't there.

No Jedi can sense and dodge that many blaster bolts, let alone deflect them all. Plus, Sir-vin has no idea how to deflect these bolts. They aren't like SW stun-bolts. They're a combination of heat and magical energy.

Plus, the bolts don't "go off" until they hit a living being. Normally I'd say that they couldn't be blocked by the Force at all, except Deac had Gortick do it, so I'm going with they can be slowed by the Force.

Finally no Jedi could concentrate on that many things at once. Illusion + sense + deflect...especially at that tiny scale, "aiming" Force ripples at a ton of blaster bolts?

Sir-vin turned his back on a highly skilled opponent and concentrated too much on attacking another highly skilled opponent...with ineffective attacks. That's why he got dropped.))

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