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Originally posted by jedispy
Well...I know part of it. Nien Nunb is the Sullustan copilot of Grey Leader (a.k.a. Millennium Falcon) during the battle of Endor. Now who his brother is......I'm sorry I don't know that. I do know of an Aril Nunb, who is Nien's sister. She joined Rogue Squadron, and almost made it to executive officer.

Apparently sullustans are naturally excellent pilots.

EU questions.......

Let's see....what hasn't been asked yet......

Q: In the final duel of The Last Command, who was all involved in the lightsaber duel, and who held who's lightsabers?
well done jedispy I knew there was somethig wrong with my question ! ...Nien Nunb had a sister...... I always thought he had a brother :

Ten Numb flew a b-wing at the battle of Endor... no relation to Nien Nunb !

* * *
Now, TLC is a while ago but surely it was Mara Jade fighting Luke Skywalker, using an anakins blue saber that Luke lost when he was dismembered at Bespin (by anakin!)

I'll let someone else ask a question for once


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