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Once in CTF I got the flag and started running. But 2 trandos just spawned in the room. One must have not seen me and started running down the nearest hall. The other spotted me but got blown by my TD. I started running behind the one who hadn't noticed me. I kept running behind him pretty much pushing up against him. after leaving the hallway and heading to the main area, another Trando spawned behind me but I Guess they though that the red name of the trando I was behind and my red glow meant it was a teammate...either way he didn't fire at me till about 5 seconds later. And by then I Had reached a point where I could take a more covered route and was protected by the wall. I scored. The guy I was following never noticed me... Despite the fact that I had followed him from their base to almost halfway to ours.

Oh and I killed Kurgan a few times the other day.

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