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Thumbs up Can anyone make this?

An imperial stardestroyer (vehicle)?

Many told me it can't enter a battlefield cuz it isn't made for entering the atmosphere (though how did the Republic Assault Ships take off in Episode 2 at the end? LOL) but it actually would be absolutely AWESOME if you could use it as a mobile spawnpoint - attack vehicle like the AT-AT's (with their health & Laser Cannons it would be a great weapon that can stand a LOT of anti-air fire and can only be properly damaged by X-Wing Fighters (their rockets) and Y-Wing Bombers).

My idea:

-Imps: Imperial Star Destroyer
-Rebels: Home One (Mon Calamari Star Cruiser) & Escort Frigate
-Republic: Republic Assault Ship
-CIS: Trade Federation Droid Control Ship


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