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How about, insteand of patterns, or maybe in addition to patters:
Shoulder Shields with differnet colors, repsective to their sheild color.
Yeah, i know its not by-the-book star wars, but the commandos arent either. I say is its too limited, imagination (which makes good games in my opinion) is eliminated.
For names, I think these will be cool

Pyro- Demolition
Snap- Sniper
Cheif-Squad Leader

Possible Patterns
01- Double Blue thick acents around the eyes, and drops down at the cheek bone to the chin
02- Red Stipesfrom the back of head, over the top and coming to a sharp point at the forehead
03- Yellow Lines outlining the built in rebreather, eyes, and mouth
04- Green Lines coming down the middle af the face, and thickening at the chin
05-Purple pinestripes that compliments the curves of the helmet
06- Black Tribal Marks. More on the right side thgan the left side
07-pinstripes of red, black, and yellow

*whew* Come and see my art work!
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