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Hmm... I dont know, maybe they didnt have as good of a recognition system in thier helmets as the stormtroopers?

Oh, and tell me what you guys think about what I've come up with. Thanks to Redtech for the core material.

Saber company

Code: TK-8041
Occupation: Saber company Leader/Playable character
Name: Rayce Gorshun
Nickname: Sarge
Profile: Usually barking out orders, Gorshun is a veteran approaching retirement age, Rayce has lead dozens of troopers under his command, many have moved on, but many died through their own stupidity. As such, he tries not to get emotionally attached to his unit although he looks upon them like his children and the unit as his family. Despite receiving many commendations for bravery and performance attributes, Gorshun declined the chance of any further promotion to continue to play a far more active role in the Empire's ranks. A model trooper that many aspire to be. Gorshun has survived by not playing by the rules. But instead of throwing out the rulebooks, as many younger troopers have mistakenly done, he prefers to add new pages. He is known to be very much in control and is flexible, using enemy weapons or his bare hands to destroy a target if need be. Nothing stops the mission succeeding.

As any other Imperial Trooper he is unmarried and has no children. The squad is literally his family and he secretly fears that without it, he may as well not exist.

Code: TK-3277
Occupation: 2nd Saber company Squad member/Sniper
Name: Thrak Jal'daan
Nickname: Snipe
Profile: A prodigiously gifted sniper, Jal'daan ascended through the ranks quickly solely due to his excellent marksmanship and amazing kill ratios. This has lead to suspicion that he is force-talented, which is immediately rebuked with swear words as violent as his kills and has lead to minor scuffles in the past. Unknowingly, he is force-talented, but not enough to do any significant feats of 'Jedi Magic'. Rather, he would say he has a 'gift' for knowing precisely where an enemy's vital organs are. At home with a scope equipped weapon, he is deadly at close range as well, simply because he absolutely hates being disturbed by friend or foe from his sniping. Thrak insists on calling the others by their designated numbers, rather than the nicknames they acquired.

He is cool, and almost unemotional from the outside, despite simmering deep inside, yet is fairly tolerant and enjoys leading from a supporting role, after all, he knows exactly where everyone is.

A career soldier, Jal'daan plans to one day lead a squad of his own and while he enjoys being under the control of Rayce Gorshun, Thrak is not comfortable with Sarge's unconventional methods, especially ones Gorshun rebukes others for doing. Jal'daan is a by-the-book trooper. Also, he never wants Scur Gunnar to watch his back..

Code: TK-7331
Occupation: 3rd Saber company Squad member/Demolitionist
Name: Scur Gunnar
Nickname: Grudge
Profile: Possibly the exact opposite of Sarge, Gunnar is coarse-mouthed and very violent, even by trooper standards. He follows the Emperor's anti-non-human sentiment to substantial lengths. As a youth from a relatively poor family, he was constantly frustrated with, and sometimes paranoid of non-humans, especially Rodians, some of their "foreign smells" and their "green slimy looks" and worst of all, (eluding mostly to the Huts) their criminals. His parents were killed by a group of non-humans affiliated with Huts, and their bodies thrown into a trash compactor when their search for valuables proved empty.

Gunnar immediately signed up to become a trooper 2 years underage. When his test scores came back, the shock of the recruitment officers made him immediately accepted. Tatooine was his first assignment, and Gunnar would say that it was the second worst moment of his entire life.

Gunnar has received many reprimands for excessive force, for destroying houses, religious temples, or public utilities in order to complete the mission, but they are all turned into commendations. When a criminal cell is wiped out in a single explosion, or a known bounty hunter is killed when his landspeeder explodes, or a rebel informant (and her family) are killed in their own home, people pay attention. He's an efficient killer with a fatalist sense of humor, and personally, Gunnar doesn't see any problems with his methods. After all, they're not human. Just don't get him started about the Rebels. He hates them even more.

Code: TK-4016
Occupation: 4th Saber company Squad member/Technician
Name: Ben Hanton
Nickname: Tie
Profile: The youngest, wittiest and most sarcastic trooper in the squad, originally, Ben planned on entering the Imperial academy to become a pilot. However, despite a consistent high score, he failed the final exams and dropped out. He doesn't begrudge being a trooper however, infact, he has a zeal which often frustrates his squad. Yet none would say he doesn't deserve a second chance, after all, it was a stand-off between the rebels and the imperials that lead to the death of Hanton's mother and the resultant test failure. He knows the rebels killed his mother and as such, Ben can't stand them, but not to the levels of Gunnar, although Scur is sympathetic and tends to call him "kid brother", mainly to annoy him.

Hanton is very by-the-book and so tends to empathize with Jal'Daan the most, when things get ugly, although Hanton is not afraid of 'borrowing' a weapon and turning it on its former owner. Ben is known for using an E11 like the bolts came out of his hands and is a surprisingly good shot regardless. He still has a love for space/air craft, and an equal obsession with technology, and talks about those things constantly, which is a good distraction in between the regular bouts of chaos. He enjoys traveling to new locations and likes to have almost sadistic fun when everyone else is loosing their heads...literally.

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