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Originally posted by Scar Da Kookee
so, do you.

the mere thing that i desired for my character to not be knocked out for a while.

and i disliked red's blunt choice of wording.
he protrayed my character to be 'dropped'
in which i presume when a character is 'dropped' is from going from performing an action to flat out uncompasitated (spelling) in an instant.

true it was made fact that i had able time to reply between red's two actions, but i still believe it was unnessesary.
It's "incapacitated". And that's what being stunned would entail.

I don't see the problem with what I posted. It's what I would expect to happen to one of my characters if they performed actions as reckless as that. In fact, with my three "good" characters present in this scene I:

1) "Dropped" Aidan within seconds of the attackers' arrival with a bolt between his shoulders.
2) Covered K'Warra with snakes and poisoned him.
3) Had Guy eaten by the beach, nearly suffocating him.

While Sir-vin got away with being in a hail of fire for quite a large chunk of that thirty seconds without being hit, a remarkable feat for anyone considering the skill of the attackers and the fact that you can't deflect these (or any) stunbolts with a lightsaber. (Or the Force.) Plus, his abysmal tactics; trying to sneak in a circle around someone who can see you clearly, with no cover. Turning his back on an attacker to play telekinesis tug-of-war with another skilled attacker carrying another stun-blaster. Genius!

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