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Although I think it'd be pretty fun to have a WW2 themed mod for JA, you still aren't allowed to use DICE/EA's materials in any other game than Battlefield.

Maybe you weren't paying any attention to the License Agreement to install the Battlefield MDT. Not many people do.

Here are the more important parts that you would have missed-

'solely for your personal noncommercial
use in connection with EA's products'

'EA owns all of the rights, title and interest
in the Tools & Materials.'

'you may not use the Tools & Materials
to promote another product or business'

Now, as long as you take down the offending (not so much offensive, as they are against their license agreement, and these forums are hosted by people that wouldn't want to get sued by ea) images from this thread then you should be fine.

You can always shoot an email off to them, and ask for permission, but you'd probably have a better chance asking the easter bunny for a BMW.

That doesn't keep you from making a ww2 mod, but you'd need to make new models with new textures to replace the ones that are from battlefield.
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