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Post Suggestions

Well after playing it a couple times ive found a couple things that could be changed. Just suggestions not orders

1. The Piggie (that what I call him) Is a complete idiot...If there is someway to higher his intelligence lvl that would be better (doubt it that easy)

2. I'm sure you are already going to do this but, a texture on the grappling hook. Mabye a chain or just a rope im sure you can find somthing.

3. Also about the grappling hook...It range is a little can you say it...pathetic. I mean you can't even go and where high..But if thats the point thats cool.

4. And the Geonosian, great gun its not to strong and not as pathetic as the geo's on Geonosis. But it still has the same pathetic health as the real Geo.

5. Lastly the map is a little small and the empire crushes me everytime. So for the real maps if you could make them a little having to get through layers of defenses (like turetts and those awesome killable command center ) to win the game.

Aside from that I didnt find any bugs, glitches,..ect. Great Job

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