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Scar, thats a pathetic and childish post. Red has made a serious point. This comes back to your need to have your super powerful characters. You seem to think that all your characters should be as powerful as everyone else' most powerful characters, regardless of age, type or anything else.


My most powerful combat character is just under fifty and a Jedi trained from birth, in secret. Despite his power he has almost no mind influencing abilities and only moderate healing abilities.

My next most powerful character is a 200,000 year old warrior biologically in his 20's

After that I have the son of my first character who has diverted most of his adult life to combat training and war and as a result lacks many other important skills.

All I ever see from your characters is out of universe super power after super power. If memory serves Sir Vin is a barely trained Jedi in his early 20's who's spent most of his life hidden away with some exiled Jedi.

Of my Jedi characters one is down, basically sucker puched, and the other is just holding his own against two attackers.

This situation reminds me very much of Behomoth on my Flag Ship.

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