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Originally posted by Darth Band

you know ive read this thread and cchargin says that kmm copies the mod files into the kotor override but all the mods that i download i activate with kmm but none of them work. im not good in computer terms so does ' each mod must have its own directory ' mean that each mod should be in a separate folder?if not how should it appreciate a lil help here.

(ps : please say it in simple talk too)
Yes they should be in there own seperate folders.

Here is what I do. I have 2 main folders one for KOTOR 1 and one for TSL. They are labeled kotor archives & mods, and TSL archives & mods. Every archived file zip & rar are then copied to these folders depending on which game they are for. I then unpack the archive files and have them create there own subfolder within these folders. I startup KMM and proceed to choose add mod. I locate the new mods folder within the apropriate subdirectory(TSL Archives & mods for my TSL mods in KMM). Once your game is added into KMM's list you click activate mod. it automatically transfers your files to the overide folder for the proper game without fail.

I hope this was simple enough as It can't be made really any simpler.

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