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Originally posted by TK-8252
Using Stormtroopers would be realistic, since Stormtroopers are the elite units. What would the missions for the Storm Commando be? You could have no Tantive IV, Tatooine, Hoth, Cloud City, Endor, nothing...

A Storm Commando mod would be waaaaay less popular than a Stormtrooper mod since no one knows what they are and there would be no cool missions.

Errrrr...... NEGATIVE! No offense, but I partially agree with Redtech and Stormtroopers definitely are not the elite. Those ops were not employed by four man teams, but platoon and arger size elements. Do not get hung up on how many grenades to have and what not because if you are going to make it realistic, then you have ALOT of leeway. You will be using Stormtrooper comandos which are similar to some of the units seen in the movies, but not in the movies. A stormtrooper Commando would be a next gen version of our lovable Republic versions. Don't get too hung up on the commandos featured in star wars literature because the authors didn't always do their research or know their topics. If we went by the books, we could argue Jango Fett never existed and Boba was really Jaster Mareel......And none of the post Ep-III troopers would be clones until Thrawn....
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