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Originally posted by Oidar
I think the Trandos are awesome I usually end up on the Trando side and have no problems with it. Most people don't set their games up for auto-select. IT should be Auto-select in most cases cause people seem to be like. OMG trando nooooooooooo.
I've been on more winning Trando teams than I have Clones. People are petty anyway. Its like omg I've gotta play the good guy or I'll suck horribly. I've even seen people spec an entire match till someone leaves the clone team. Its sad really. Most people just suck.
You haven't been in the same games as me then apparently. I am almost always commando and my team ALWAYS wins.

I may "Suck it up" if the patch gives us more customization options. If I am hiding in a shodowy dark area for whatever reason......which IS sometimes necessary when you want to be the top scorer like myself.......A glowing yellow backpack isn't a great thing......A Night Ops clone is. The blaster rifles ARE different, though that doesn't bother me as I usually trade my DC for a ACP SMG if I use anything but pistols and shotties at all.

Fix the higher visibility problems of the trandoshans and I will lead the trandoshans to victory!

And whoever said Bossk would motivate me obviously did not reallize Bossk is just one more reason NOT to be a trando. Bossk like vs Fett like........... What were you thinking. Mandalorians. Nuff said.
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