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Originally posted by The Spartan
You haven't been in the same games as me then apparently. I am almost always commando and my team ALWAYS wins.

I may "Suck it up" if the patch gives us more customization options. If I am hiding in a shodowy dark area for whatever reason......which IS sometimes necessary when you want to be the top scorer like myself.......A glowing yellow backpack isn't a great thing......A Night Ops clone is. The blaster rifles ARE different, though that doesn't bother me as I usually trade my DC for a ACP SMG if I use anything but pistols and shotties at all.

Fix the higher visibility problems of the trandoshans and I will lead the trandoshans to victory!

And whoever said Bossk would motivate me obviously did not reallize Bossk is just one more reason NOT to be a trando. Bossk like vs Fett like........... What were you thinking. Mandalorians. Nuff said.

Oh please. Glowing yellow backpack, hiding in the dark. Geezus thats it. Enough of your whining. I don't care what you say. Your just like the other petty people. Oh I don't like the trandos their ugly, their easier to see, blah blah, whine whine.

Oh and do not start the who is better debate, Mandalorians or Trandoshans cause I've got a trump card that beats the mandalorians stupid...ever hear of the Yuuzhan Vong?
'Nuff said I think.
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