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Okay here is mine, sense I played Reaper, it's going to be from his point of view, starting before the rp way back to his creation.

Chapter I, The Beginning and End.

I opened my eyes, as I looked through the glass tubo filled with some sort of liquid I was in, I could feel I was no longer what I use to be. As my vision unblurred I saw a man standing there, grinning at me, he was guarded by two armored guards. The man spoke:

"Greetings project 115, codename: Reaper, you are going to be known as that. Now, Reaper, you were made for destroying all the sith and jedi, the end of the Force Age, into the Gavor Age." Then the man grinned, pressed a button, and left the room. I blinked a few more times. Before I knew it the tubo drained and it opened up. I walked up, I then realized I was huntched over, but that couldn't be right it seemed liek was I 5"10, which I was when I was before. I then stood up straight and I seemed to be a giant!....To be continued! I would continue but I gtg, so lol

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