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Chapter one: Gomnia walked through the doors of the ship. Gomnia had sent the scientists a sample of mana to help them create a super robot. The ship was about to leave hyperspace as Gomnia arrived in the hanger. He suddenly stumbled alittle as teh ship came out of hyperspace. He walked to his ship and got in. He headed for the near by moon. It was a science station. ((Jojo, it's ok to post your fan fic on my thread, but my story will kindof interact with yours. Without really doing so.)) A science lab was here. The yhad already invented a super robot, but it had no suitable energy source. Teh mana I sent to them shoudl of helped them activate the robot. I was in the sci lab, and I walked into the robot lab. I looked at the robot which was now ativated. "Ahhh, Reaper. I am Gomnia, and I expect great things from you." "I will do as you say Gomnia." "Good, your misison is to help me take down the Jedi." Gomnia walked out of the room and told the scientists to bring Reaper to his capital ship. There was to be a big rally about his new faction, and it became well known all over the galaxy. At the rally Gomnia spoke "I have discover a power tha twill help us rule the galaxy!" The crowd cheered "GOMNIA GOMNIA..." Reaper was on a work bench, and gomnia took a cover off of it. "This is Reaper, and he will bring teh end to all Jedi and Sith everywhere! We are the Gavor, and we shall rule the Republic!" Gomnia released Reaper. "Let me show you this droids power." Reaper leaped in the crowd, landed on a Jedi, and threw him at a Sith. A mob started and all chaos went loose. Reaper was strong, and fended off all the Jedi and Sith in the crowd. "That is just a taste of Reapers power!" Reaper jumped back up and went back on the work bench, and was strapped down. "That is just a taste of what mana can do, and soon the Gavor will begin mana mineing operations everywhere! GLORY TO THE GAVOR!" The croud started cheering "GLORY TO THE GAVOR! GLORY TO TEH GAVOR!..." The rally was a sucess, and many people signed up to join the Gavor. The Jedi and SIth, now informed of this, by the surviveing jedi and sith of the onslought, were prepareign to take action.

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