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Mandalorian Super Commandos? I find this incredibly interesting! Could this 'defect' simply be a sense of rationality and a realisation by Alpha 02 that he was initially fighting for a decadent governing body?

I wonder how this defection would have affected Battle Droid reasoning.. differentiating between friend and foe; seeing as the Seperatist clones would be seen as the enemy with or without armour.. ?

I mean, Dooku's preachings were so widely accepted because he was telling the truth. The Republic was infact corrupted. The Seperatist systems were in actuality, trying to fight back against a degenerating system they broke away from. These groups were the true threat to Sidious' totalitarian regime as he already controlled this failing Republic and it was only the rogue systems that would oppose his total rule of the galaxy. Ive gotta hand it to Palpy.. his plan was perfect.
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