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Originally posted by jedispy
As far as I can tell, no questions in play.

Q: What planet is host to the famed "Valley of the Jedi?"
jeezalu, Shok what type of an answer is *that*....if you were too lazy to look it up, dont bother answering...

*No points awarded*

CapN, can you confirm the *full* answer for posterity's sake... is it ysalimir ?

Jedispy I applaud your enthusiasm, but CapNs question was in play. Shoks answer was far from conclusive, and there were no refs listed.....

*points to the rules*

3. ONE ACTIVE QUESTION AT A TIMEIf you are reasonably confident of your answer, have answered all question components and provided references, you may ask a question. If details of your answer are incorrect, this will be clarified and may affect whether you are assigned points.

therefore, if are only speculating you CANNOT ask a question
eg. Hmm.. i think you are referring to Grand Admiral Thrawn, but im not sure and cant remember where I read it...
now you know !

* * *

anyway, jedispy's question is the active question........

Q: What planet is host to the famed "Valley of the Jedi?"
and I shall answer it

There are many interesting things about the Valley, including thought bombs and adegan crystals, its location is of course Ruusan... source... DF2:JK1

* * *

and so...

Q. What was special about Corran Horn's lightsaber ?


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