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A) He is Sha'a Gi. He was killed on Hypori by General Greivous when he ran out into the open because of fear brought on by the recent death of his master, Daakman Barrek. Source: Clone Wars cartoon.

Originally posted by Astrotoy7
jeezalu, Shok what type of an answer is *that*....if you were too lazy to look it up, dont bother answering...

*No points awarded*
Hey, since when are bonuses required. I had to go to class, so I just answered what I knew from memory rather then doing the research. And as far as giving a source, that hasn't been enforced in a while.

Here is the plenty of time, satisfying answer:

They were sentient, which is uncommon amongst creatures that are hunted. The creatures are called Morodin. Source: Tales from the Empire.

Q) Who was chief of security at Jabba's Palace?
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