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Originally posted by MaximumMayhem
It is possible that Delta 669 was one of many experimental clones that had no growth or docility tampering. He was raised as Kamino as a test of his mental stability after the conundrum the ARC Troopers posed to the Republic and once the conflict escalated out of control, he escaped from Kamino with one of Jango's trusted lieutenants (who were tasked with training the elites of the Clone Army). Seeing as his lifetime 'contract' was unexpectedly terminated after Palpatine's subsequent rise to power; he was free to once again travel the galaxy, offering his services to the highest bidder... the whole time with a young clone who was aptly named Delta 669 by his side - One who's voracious thirst for learning this dangerous trade rivalled any bounty hunter Talon Wau [tentative] had ever trained in his life. Talon expected great things instore for this young prodigy..

whow , cool story 1
I realy like it.
Wonder if you or anyone else could come up with a story about the other 4 Bounty hunters?
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