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Originally posted by TK-8252
Stormtroopers are considered the elite force by Imperial standards. And yes, they work as squads. If you notice in the movies, there were small squads on the Tantive IV (the squad that captured Leia was four troopers) and on Cloud City.

The majority of Stormtroopers actually are clones. They're clones of random political people and their cousins, etc. Then there's also some enlisted and drafted.
They are using the word elite to represent that stormtroopers are supposed to be skilled, not that they are on par with a group like Delta Squad. By your reasoning every clonetrooper would be elite too then. Besides, if your idea of an elite unit is two squad of stormtroopers who can't hit the broadside of a barn at twenty meters, or get killed by teddy bears, have at it
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