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Originally posted by Shok_Tinoktin
Hey, since when are bonuses required. I had to go to class, so I just answered what I knew from memory rather then doing the research. And as far as giving a source, that hasn't been enforced in a while.

Here is the plenty of time, satisfying answer:

They were sentient, which is uncommon amongst creatures that are hunted. The creatures are called Morodin. Source: Tales from the Empire.

ah crap This is what happens when astro does his modding at 4am.... I didnt even see the word bonus in caps sentence

apologies to shok and 2 points awarded retrospectively

1 point to Cap for the Dash Rendar question too

* * *

OK ! Tally Time !

Phreak - Once again - The Winner is j00 !!

Shok must also be congratulated for another good performance.

I present you both with an astounding gift

*sigh* ...Phreak's domination is getting out of hand... lucky for you phreak I am the quizmaster and cant give you the EU pwnage you deserve

* * *

back to the funneh

Q) Who was chief of security at Jabba's Palace?


Asinus asinum fricat

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