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Originally posted by BeBop
Here's a little counter point, both the backpack and visor glow on the commandos. Trando's may have a much more glowing backpack, but if they have their back to a wall it wont show. If the clone has their face to the wall it will not be visible.... but that isn't a great thing.
You are correct, there are points on a commando that glow as well, but commandos can be all dark, blues, and greys........which you will notice camos in with every level. Bright yellow camos in with.....well.......nothing. It is a small thing. Trandshans are not on par with cliones IMO, but in others they are. Considering the teams are always even in the games I play, or one man from being such, it really is a dud of a topic. When you try to join commando if there are too many you will get a message saying such so in reply to the thread host, suck it up and stop losing.
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