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I'm sorry, only little kids that want to play the good guy dislike the trandos. Your probably one of those kids that always had to be a cop when playing cops and robbers.

Its sad, your the reason this thread was started. People like you who suck so bad they have to cover up the fact and say, Oh well..Blah blah blah blah (see by this point I've decided to stop paying any attention to anything you write cause your an idiot)

*flame removed*
[/End Rant]

*directed at everyone else*
See what I mean. geezus people like that annoy the crap out of me. He must think he is on some holy quest to prove to everyone that the clones are superior. Bah, he needs a wookiee to smack him upside the head with a lightsaber.

Removed your flame, don't do it again. Instead report his posts to a moderator like myself

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