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Originally posted by InsaneSith
In the movies Nazi's shot rather crappily, yet in real life they shot rather well. Get what I'm saying? Bad guys have to shoot bad so the good guys can win.

It's how the movies work.
True enough. Right you are....... cause Luke sure wasn't a match for Stormtroopers........

TK......I *WILL* wait for the mod because I support it. And he only tried to shoot those arguments down and failed miserably. If you are going to make it a stormtrooper squad it isn't going to be "realistic" as YOU said you wanted it to be, but that does not bother me. As long as it is fun, go for it and is at least close to what it should be, it is cool. Besides, even if the normal troopers aren't the Empires very best (But instead clones of politicians and cousins who don't meet up to Mandalorian standards), Stormies are still, imo, better than any dirty rebel and far more skilled than their equivalents in every army save their early bretheren and Mandolorians!
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