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Originally posted by RebelScum!
@ Saturn...well...thats ok I guess

@ Rends, I love that grenade! Thats really awesome...And about the story I think a I have one...

"Piggie" as his friends and fellow bounty hunters call him, is a gamorrean fugitive of the very little justice on Gamorr. He is wanted for killing his female which he did'nt do. He is a skilled hunter and was once the commander of Jabba the Hutt's guard. He was very faithful to his cruel leader, but instead of being paid with credits he was being paid with refuge. But after years of service and training the authorities on Gamorr finally caught up with him. After a near death experience with a speeder trying to escape Tatooine, he was picked up by this bounty hunter squad.

.....any good? If its to normal or cappy just tell someone else to do it. I won't care .
another cool story this time for piggy :-)

Guess i need to set up a website for the Bounty Hunters mod if i only know how to do lol.
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