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^^^^Awsome pics Saturn! were those Tie interceptors in the background?

Also i think ive got an idea for the geonosian story...

This geonosian noble was once a high ranking beast tamer and executioner for his hives arena on geonosis. However when his hive was exterminated he suddenly found himself out of a job. He traveled the galaxy looking for a new life, and has served as a guard, informant, and once, briefly, rancor bait. However he survived these jobs and has found a new love, sabatoge, he is notorious for deactivating some of the most dangerous ships in both the rebel and imperial fleets. The geonosian also has great technical skills, he uses a modified sonic blaster, far superior to the ones used by guards on geonosis, and his own custom made explosives. His most useful inventions are however his elaborate disguises he makes to fool his enemies. When infiltrating an imperial stardestroyer he will don the armor of an imperial stormtrooper (taken from a trooper who was a little to eager to take the geonosian down, the crafty hunter trapped him in an airlock, released him into space then salvaged the armor) he has modified it so that it fits his unique stucture as well as cover his chittery voice. When infiltrating a rebel ship he will put on the standard clothes of a rebel soldier (took them off a dead soldier who had tried to escape an imperial ship via a garbage chute and had met an... unfortunate end) but on his face he puts a thin metal mask that displays a holographic image that effectivly covers his geonosian features. The mask also features a voice changer although it is cruder then the one on the stormtroopers. The holographic image is startlingly life like and will fool all but the most observent rebels. The geonosian has become extreamly effeciant in donning these disguises quickly and effectivly how he does it so fast is still a mystery to most. The geonosian has fallen in with a group of bounty hunters, who make great use of his technical and sabatoge skills.

lol just wanted to try my hand at story writing

what about the knockdown ability of the sonic blaster? is that possible to implement or not?

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