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Originally posted by ParanoidAndroid

Also i think ive got an idea for the geonosian story...

This geonosian noble was once a high ranking beast tamer and executioner for the a geonosians arena, however when his hive was exterminated he suddenly found himself out of a job. He traveled the galaxy looking for a job and has served as a guard, enforcer and once briefly rancor bait. However the geonosian survived and has found a new love, sabatoge, this geonosian is notorious for deactivating some of the most dangerous ships in both the rebel and imperial fleets. he has recently fallen in with a group of bounty hunters who make great use of his sabatoge skills.

lol just wanted to try my hand at story writing

what about the knockdown ability of the sonic blaster? is that possible to implement or not?
Hehe, another nice story. Maybe you have a idea how he got the disuise kit? Guess thatīs what many peops will ask.

About the knockdown ability. Well i havnīt tested it but i donīt think it will work because you canīt use 2 weapons at the same time .
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