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Originally posted by TK-8252
It is common sense that people join the team that needs the most help, meaning usually the Trandos. I find it displeasing when people don't use common sense, which is something everyone should always be using. That is therefore not something I should have to suck up. "Stop losing"... well there's no I in team.
Valid point. If I can't get my way and be a Clone, I will help the Trandos and not wait or leave while I cry about my misfortune. Also, if I see the Top scores for clones are around 40 and Trandos around 9.......Well, there is no sport in me winning like that so *I* do go where I am needed if I have too. As much as I enjoy clones, and do see why people hate being trandoshans, I agree. I don't find balnce to be a problem, but when the 8 best players just have to be clones, it ruins the gaming experience for all. So *I* will excercise some common sense if only for the selfish reason of personal challenge.

And as far as the team goes. There is no team in SWRC multi :P My clan has not yet picked it up and rarely do I meet a random individual who wants to do anything but run arround like a wild man, which leaves me having to do the same.

Oidar, I read your post before the edit and I don't remember you having a flame either, but then I have no tact when I make my oppinions known so I would just see the oppinion when I read and not really notice the flame...... and yeah, Wookies are awsome in this game.....and in general......
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