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Single player is very polished, but multi has a few spots.

For instance, I don't always get credit for my kills even if I can verify that the guy who got it was not in any shape or fashion near or attacking my victim.

This may be a lag issue, sometimes I get a message that I killed myself when I fire a weapon that should not hace an area affect to make such a thing happen, IE DC17, Shotgun....

The falls don't make sense sometimes. I always get hurt in the short drops from the vents that lead to the sewer (Is it a sewer?) in lockdown yet I can make some insanely crazy-long jumps that should, but don't, hurt me in other areas. Any imput on that vent drop I am not catching? I know I have made jumps twice that with out even stubbing a toe.

Sometimes I get a human vioice while playing trando.....Are there clone traitors leading them or what?

When in CTF and people go down vents with the flag there is flag glow where the flag is not almost every time.

In single player when rescuing the second wookie I notice the trandoshans MANY grenades were not harming me or my mates.....only I ccould complain about NOT getting hurt, lol

Not a bug, but the game could deal with some larger outside maps employing some turrets for base defense......make snipers a bit more useful..........maybe that is just me.......
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