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The first thing that struck me as disappointing were some of the attitudes of the regular Clone Troopers. At first, seeing the two cheer you on in Geonosis and say something about Delta being able to win the war themselves. The clones were created to be remorseless and go into battle fearlessly.. they wouldnt cheer the arrival of 'the cavalry'.

Also on the RAS Prosecutor, you get a CT who mouths off at how perfect you're made. This kind of jealousy is impossible for a regular clone to convey. The Clone Troopers themselves may be human, but their independance is majorly reduced. They are nearly autonomous and wouldnt have feelings like the ones shown here.

They were also made to be very weak which may have been the plan to make the Deltas look superior, but this could have been done in another way. The major battles with other CTs are minor, but I would have enjoyed to see atleast one instance of ranked Clone Troopers giving orders to others etc..

Seeing as they had Temuera Morrison lending his brilliant vocal work to this project, Id have loved to hear more speech from the regular clones too..

In general, when you are involved in open conflict, it should be more widescale than a couple of clones here and there. The termoil should be all around you..

My second gripe is the length of the game. Seeing that planet on the left of the Campaign screen really irrits me!
Not to mention the ending being a real kick in the face!

Only an expansion can make up for the shortness of this excellent title.

The Extras were a welcome afterthought, but that's all they truly were.. a minor addition. I was hoping for an 'actual' Temuera Morrison interview over a promo..

I havent played Multi yet, but the addition of more player models and even having faction teamplay (CIS vs Republic, etc..) would make things interesting. I dislike Gamespy and hope that future LucasArts titles make use of their own inbuilt server browser. RC used the UT engine, so why not use its equally brilliant server browser?

I do hope that the team rolls out a follow up to this or even releases extra missions etc.. support makes a game shine even more.
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