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Originally posted by MaximumMayhem
The first thing that struck me as disappointing were some of the attitudes of the regular Clone Troopers. At first, seeing the two cheer you on in Geonosis and say something about Delta being able to win the war themselves. The clones were created to be remorseless and go into battle fearlessly.. they wouldnt cheer the arrival of 'the cavalry'.

Also on the RAS Prosecutor, you get a CT who mouths off at how perfect you're made. This kind of jealousy is impossible for a regular clone to convey. The Clone Troopers themselves may be human, but their independance is majorly reduced. They are nearly autonomous and wouldnt have feelings like the ones shown here.

They were also made to be very weak which may have been the plan to make the Deltas look superior, but this could have been done in another way. The major battles with other CTs are minor, but I would have enjoyed to see atleast one instance of ranked Clone Troopers giving orders to others etc..
Don't forget the Clone Trooper who hid in the torpedo bay.

When I first loaded up the game and landed on Geonosis, I was disappointed to see Clone Troopers whining and getting blown up all over the place, and that they've screwed up the image of the Clone Troopers from AotC. It's not genetically possible to have the whiny/cowardly Clone Troopers that we saw. That kind of selfishness was taken out of their genetic code.

But the two Clone Troopers who cheered you on in the beginning were fine, because of how the jealous trooper on the RAS talks, it sounds like the regular Clone Troopers were taught that "commandos are superior to you." It'd be cool to see some of the deluxe models running along with you in battle.

When I start modding RC, one of the things I plan to do are put some usefulness back into the Clone Troopers. Modify their lines so they don't sound whiny or cowardly, take their embarassing screams out, and make them not so weak.
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