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Lyria had just come inside when another squad leader approached her, "Lyria, get your squad ready. There's talk that we might see some combat soon. The Vuanna have been sending supplies and we expect them to attack shortly."

Lyria thanked the other squad leader and hurried over to the barracks where most of her men were. "Okay guy's listen up." She waited until everyone was paying attention. "The Vuanna have been getting supplies and may attack soon so just make sure your ready for combat on short notice." There some acknowledgements among the small crowd before she continued. "Not everyone is here so be sure to pass on the word."

Making her way to her own bunk Lyria grabbed her gun and double checked that it was loaded, even though she knew it was. She had also taken off some of her Mandalorian armor and that she put on now. Lyria lay down on her bunk with her helmet and gun beside her where she tried to get some rest.

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