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TK - I agree with you completely. I am all for the modding for more 'realistic' CTs.

In regards to the other Clones commenting on what you and your team are; I suppose it wouldnt be out of the question seeing as; by the time Episode II I rolls on, we can see all sorts of custom armour work which signifies personality, however limited.

Do you refer to witnessing other Commandos in battle? Yeah, it could be expanded on to include a mission of perhaps aiding another elite unit. Either a lone (possibly injured) ARC (* drools! *), or another Commando pod. It would be impressive to see two teams working simultaneously to take out an overwhelming objective. Now that would be conflict!

Im sorry Shinok, but yes, I failed to convey that what I class as 'open conflict' mainly concerned Geonosis. It just didnt feel widescale enough.

Ofcourse! The mystery planet is Kamino! That's a perfectly obvious explanation.
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