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Carth groaned and burried his face in his hands with his elbows on the table. Stress was building up and he just didn't know what to do and didn't understand the situation. After thinking for a few seconds he looked up at Jake, "I don't know what to do Jake, I'm completely lost and nothing makes sense to me. These freakish people attack us and then we're in the hospital being questioned by the police. Why are we running away? Why don't we just co-oporate?"


Claire made her way back to the clan's base of operations, a mansion near the heart of York.

"Ah, Claire," An older vampire said when she emerged from the tunnel. "How goes the investigation?"

"Not so good Commander," She responded shaking her head, "Two of the suspects have escaped and third isn't fully co-oporating. We'll keep an eye on him and we're searching for the others."

The commander nodded and started walking into the hallway, Claire followed.

"What should we do if these suspects killed our scouts?" Claire asked looking up at the taller man.

"It depends on what they saw, and exaclty what happened. If they don't know anything but did kill our scouts, the police can handle it like a regular case. But if they know that our scouts were vampires...maybe we should get rid of them."

"I see," Claire stared at the ground for a few seconds just thinking. "I'll be working in my room until dark. Dane is working with the police now to try and bring the suspects in, once we interrogate them more and find out what they know we can wrap this case up."

The commander nodded, "Shouldn't be too dificult, good luck then." He started to turn away down another hall.

"You too," Claire said as she turned the other way and they parted.


Dane made his way back into the lobby where the other two human scouts were, just as he came up to them the three scouts he had sent out returned.

They came back out of breath, "Sorry sir," One of them said as they came up to Dane, "The other two suspects escaped."

"Okay," Dane acknowledged. "The police will pick them up sooner or later. Let's just treat this as a normal situation, there's no need to stress, there's nothing to worry about."

A pair of police men arrived shortly and went up stairs to see the suspect, a doctor showed them to Ethan's room and they entered.

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