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Reaper closed his eyes as he lied there straped down. Once out of the crow'd sight, he started to struggle and try to get out. After several minutes of struggling Reaper broke the binds and got up. He looked around then started running down the only way he could, donw the long dark hallway which he came from. Reaper jumped on the ground, his arm and leg joints moved and he jumped on the ground and run like a cheetah down the hallway. Once at the end he had two options, go left or right, left leading to a heavey door and right leading to the lab which he came from. "Hmmm.." Reaper said as he thought a moment, he then went in the lab and looked around. "Ah!" Reaper said as he spotted something on a workbench, he grouped three double bladed red lightsabers, attatched them to his waist area and run st the door. He rammed into the blast door and took it down. It lead to a short hallway, then an elevator at the end, on the sides of the room their were cages of different creatures, mutated. "Sciene projects.." Reaper murmmered. He then stepped onto the elevator and it went down. Once at the bottom, there were two armed guards. They looked at Reaper in confusion, then readied their blasters, both shaking in the hands, one shot and missed. Reaper grabbed down with his left hand, then slammed him into the other one and went right. Reaper saw up ahead an airlock, and passing by was a small shuttle, going slow. Reaper went into his cheetah like state and ran down to the airlock and busted it open with one ram into it. Reaper flew and landed on the shuttle, he then forced the door open, walked on board, then forced it closed. Reaper looked around, dark dim red lights, only a few chairs. "A dropship?" Reaper asked himself. It didn't matter. Reaper turned to the dropship cockpit doors, forced those open, with a quick slash with his hand cut the pilot's neck. Reaper grabbed the man by his arm and threw him back. "Heh I suppose this new body is useful.." Reaper said, and he would've grinned if he could have. Reaper sat in the seat of the dropshop and set a new course, to Coursant, his home planet. Reaper watched through the cockpit as the stars looked as if they were smeering as he enter lightspeed....

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