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Heres an attempt at the tuskan raider, if you dont like it feel free to use somthing else.

Until now the Tuskan raider was a threat only residents of Tatooine had to fear however recently stories have emerged from the outer rim territories telling of a fearsome hunter dressed and armed like a Tuskan raider. The last thing his victims hear is the howling warcry once only heard in the deserts of Tatooine. There are many stories surrounding this enigmic bounty hunter. Some say he was a pilot whose ship was shot down over the dune sea and tell of how he was rescued by a group of Tuskan raiders and learned to live amoung them, then the stories differ, some say he slaughtered his tribe and became a ruthless bounty hunter, others say his tribe was wiped out by some other menace and he became an imbittered bounty hunter taking out his anger on his victims. Others claim that he was merely a Tuskan prisoner who escaped and took revenge on his captors stealing there unique clothes to inspire fear in his victims. While others say he merely took the clothes off a dead raider. The true story may never be known but as the bounty hunters actions become more and more bold more people have begun to search for his mystrious history searching for some weakness he might have. The Tuskan is armed with a wide variety of weaponry, ranging from a crude (but effective) gaffi stick and a tuskan rifle to a high tech blaster rifle and an assortment of grenades he has obviously stolen from some of his victems. This bounty hunter is ruthless and is known for killing his victims, even if his clients want them alive, rumors have spread saying that the Tuskan is now a part of a gang of ruthless hunter who have banded together for strength.

Hope you like this story, if you want i'll try one for IG-88 to.

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