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Thanks! I'm glad you like my ideas, here it is the story behind the cold, cunning, IG-88:

IG-88 was one of the most feared bounty hunters in the galaxy. Everyone knows the story: how a group of naive scientists created these assassin droids, and how they were killed by there creations shortly after they became sentinent. The stories claim that only four IG-88s were built but where they wrong? Recently the spindly droid has been seen amoung another gang of hunters, made up of a mysterious warrior who dresses and fights like a Tuskan raider, a fierce exile from the planet of Gamor, a strange sabotour who revels in creating and detonating explosives of his own design, and a mysterious reminant of the clone wars, and now the famous assassin droid that was believed to have been destroyed. Was there another IG-88 droid built and then forgotton? Has he been waiting, sitting in some dusty old transport ship just waiting for the right moment to emerge? Or did one of the other IG-88's survive? The familiar droid has been appearing alot recently, One was reportedly seen entering the cantina on mos eisly and someone else claimed he saw the droid wandering the streets of courosant, the droid was also spotted on Bespin, Naboo, Nar Shaada, Bakura and on several small moons used for mining spices. Were these legitamite sitings or just the mistakes of exitable citizens? What happened to the droids any way? Sources say an imperial ship had found the remains of a ship floating in space, when they searched it they found the reminants of an IG-88, they claim they destroyed it in a garbage smasher. Another IG-88 droid was destroyed by Boba Fett on Bespin, he left it for the ugnaughts to incinerate. Another one was apparently killed on Ord Mantell, however there has been no information about the fourth one exept some unreliable story concerning the second death star. So who is this mysterious droid? is it the fearsome hunter rebuilt to kill agian? or a mindless drone reincarnated merely for it's fearsome impact on those who see it? The droid is known for setting traps for it's foes, setting mines for them and hiding in spots using its grabbling hook to climb into almost any crevace, then it rains lasers from above from one of its assorted blasters. It seems these droids have many lives, no matter how many people say they have destroyed the last one another siting emerges of how the droid was spotted again ruthlessly hunting down it's victim. What is the story behind this droid? Only the hunters and there employers know, and so far no one has lived to ask the that question.

IG-88 already has a background story so i tried to work that into mine, i try to leave a lot of room for speculation because i dont know that much about the EU and dont want to contridict somthing already writtin, I already have my own private theory of how he joined the hunters (look in the geonosians story, about how he got his rebel uniform) but i want to make it so others are free to make up there own, i thinks its better that way but if you want a story with a more deifinate backround about him then tell me and i'll change it. Lol srry if its kind of long...

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