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BAH!!!! Aurra Sing!!!! Told you I knew the answer, but no name. Curses!!

Q. What is Juri Juice ? Who is a particular fan of it ?
Juri Juice is an intoxicating drink commonly served at Wuher's cantina in Mos Eisley. Kabe, a female Chadra-Fan who frequents the establishment, is addicted to it.

Bonus Image:

Source: SWCCG...from memory.

Since I assume that I am right, I will ask the next one:
According to EU lore, what are three things that can enhance/increase one's natural force potential?

Bonus: List sources (just quick names, no details needed)

Extra Bonus: find more than 3 (there's only 3 that I'm aware of)

Not intended to be a louse question. Only quick answers.

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