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Republic Commandos on the Battlefront

Just an idea I had while watching the final scene of RC the other day. A SW:B mod that took you through smaller, more claustrophobic maps to reach a goal at the end. This would mean only one CP each side, representing the goal. The teams would consist of the usual SW:B grunts, but four people each side would have access to a special class: The Republic would get four Commandos, while the Federation would get suped-up SBDs, like the ones seen in RC. There would be various ways for the four Comandos to reach the Federation CP, and the SBDs would have to defend. Likewise, the Federation Soldiers would press forward against the Republic troops, who are on defense.

Unfortunately, I do not have the means, nor the skill to make this. If anyone would be interested, however, in making it, I'd be happy to give you full credit for the mod, only taking the "insirational" or whatever aspects for myself. Any takers? Comments? Ideas? I'd love feedback, it's much appreciated.

Coming Soon!

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