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Changing Music

TSL is supposed to be a much darker game than KOTOR, and has some very dark music. The only problem is that the dark music isn't used enough. What I want to do is:

Replace the music of the first two areas in Onderon with the Dxun music.

Replace the area with Dhagon Ghent's and the Cantina's music with the Harbinger music.

Replace the Ravager bridge music with the Darth Nihilus theme music.

Replace the Royal palace music with the Sith tomb music.

Replace the Khoonda planes, Khoonda, and Enclave courtyard music with the Sith music.

Replace the music from the area on the Harbinger where you meet Sion with the Sion's theme music.

Replace the Enclave sublevel music with the Sith music.

Replace the Trayus Core music with the Kreia's dark theme music.

How can I do this? It'll give TSL a much darker feel.

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